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Brightening moisture cream

Item No.: A6860

Intensive moisturizing treatment for the reduction and prevention of pigmentation spots.

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Brightening Moisture Cream provides the skin with intensive moisture. Thanks to a unique combination of active ingredients, existing pigmentation spots and irregular pigmentation are reduced and their formation prevented. Look forward to a revitalized freshness and daily, gently counteract the signs of time! The contained whitening complex is composed of a combination of vitamin B3, watercress extract, zinc and green alga which ensures gentle, even lightening of the skin. Garden cress sprout-extract initiates the defense mechanism of the body and therefore protects skin from damaging environmental influences. Lecithin, extracted from soya beans, stimulates the natural collagen and elastin-synthesis. Pentylene glycol and squalan effectively support the moisture balance of the skin. Vitamin C gently lightens existing pigmentation spots and skin irregularities. Therefore, the luxurious intensive moisturizer with precious extract of caviar ensures a more even pigmentation, a smooth, glowing skin appearance and more youthful radiance. 
Regularly, mornings and evenings, apply the Brightening Moisture Cream to cleansed skin.

Additional Information
  • Whitening Complex
  • Gardencress sprout-extract
  • Lecithin, extracted from soya beans
  • Pentylene Glycol
  • Squalene
  • Vitamin B3
  • Caviar-Extract
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