Micellar cleansing water

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Micellar cleansing water


The mild 3-in-1 cleansing solution for all skin types: make-up remover, cleanser and facial toner in one. Micelles help to bind and attract water- and fat-soluble dirt, making it really easy to remove them. Excess sebum and even waterproof make-up are removed gently and without rubbing. Panthenol strengthens the barrier function of the skin, reduces redness, and is soothing. Also suitable for sensitive facial skin and the eye area. Contains no parabens, colorings, mineral oils, perfume or PEG-based emulsifiers.


Apply micellar cleansing fluid to a cotton pad and use to gently cleanse the face, lips, and eye area as required. No need to rinse off with water.


Microfiber pads do not take up the lotion optimally, which is why we recommend cotton pads. Depending on the make-up, it will take 2-3 pads to remove it completely.

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Micellar cleansing water

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