Liquid Camouflage #32 sunny tan

Item No.: A4910.32

Extremely high-coverage make-up with Second-Skin-Formula. Highest cover without looking caked-on.


Ultra-light feeling on your skin combined with a high-coverage formula. The long-lasting Liquid Camouflage erases imperfections completely and gives your complexion an even, radiant appearance without looking cakey. With its Second-Skin-Formula consisting of argan oil, tiger grass extract, panthenol and lysin, the silky-smooth foundation fits you perfectly like a second skin, and remains flexible to every muscle movement on your face. The ultra-fine opaque pigmentation of the foundations makes gives it a very high-coverage while remaining light and natural. The long-lasting foundations becomes smudge-proof after it dries. Simply perfect. 

Product details at a glance:

  • Creamy full-coverage make-up
  • Very long-lasting high-coverage
  • Second-Skin-Formula. Feels wonderful on your skin without looking caked-on.
  • Extremely natural finish thanks to its finely milled pigments.
  • Easy, even application
  • With precious ingredients such as argan oil, tiger grass extract (Centella Asiatica Extract), panthenol and lysin
  • Leaves your skin feeling silky-smooth
  • Becomes smudge-proof after it dries
  • The foundation can be mixed to perfectly match your skin tone. All colors can be mixed together.
  • Skin compatibility dermatologically proven.
  • Free of parabens

1. Prep
Cleanse your skin as usual then apply your skin care and let it sink it. 

2. Color choice
Choose a Liquid Camouflage suitable to your skin tone or mix two colors together on the back of your hand right before application to get the perfect color. 

3. Application
Apply the foundation onto your skin and work the liquid product into your skin with the Oval Brush. 

For a larger-scale application (forehead, cheeks, etc.) apply the Liquid Camouflage onto the back of your hand, pick up a small amount with the Large Oval Brush Premium Quality and work it into your face. To ensure a natural-looking finish, blend the edges into the skin. 

Tip: If you want to apply the foundation onto smaller areas, use the Small Oval Brush. 

4. Let it dry
Now let the Liquid Camouflage dry completely. To fix the foundation apply the Setting Powder Compact. 

Tipp: To cover-up very dark skin patches or tattoos, apply a few layers of foundation. Let every layer of foundation dry completely before applying the next layer.

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Liquid Camouflage #32 sunny tan

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