Radiant skin foundation ivory

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Radiant Skin is the foundation with hyaluronic acid characterized by a light, impalpable and liquid texture. Featuring superior glide, it vanishes on the skin as it turns into an extremely fine and subtly coloured film which leaves the skin soft, fresh, even and glow with natural light. The heart of this foundation is enriched with substances known for their moisturizing, restructuring and antioxidant properties that help keep the skin feeling healthy and comfortable everyday. Vitamins and trace elements are teamed with a complex made with hyaluronic acid in varying molecular weights, providing an effective moisture reserve for the various layers of the skin. The colour blend is created with HPP (High Performing Technology) pigments, whose special processing ensures that the resulting film is fine and impalpable. The colour is very clean and stays true over time without going grey.

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Radiant skin foundation ivory

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