Sprayfond express Golden beach #10


Sprayfond Express Natural Nude N5 is an instant cover spray that gives a natural smooth complexion on the face and body. The spray is a foundation that is also suitable for the body. The foundation gives immediate coverage on your face or body for varicose veins, pigmentation spots and skin imperfections. For the application of the foundation on the face or small surfaces you can use the Kabukiz Brush, this brush helps you to smooth the foundation. The Sprayfond Express Natural Nude is also available in other colors the Curasano Spray Fond Express Foundation Spray Golden Beach N ° 10


Curasano offers a luxurious and fast self tanner. The products offer a beautiful and golden brown glow. The products are easy to apply.

Sprayfond Express Natural Nude N5

  • Water remains
  • Does not stick
  • Quick drying
  • Washable


  • Shake well before use
  • Spray directly on skin for treating large surfaces.
  • Spray on the Kabukiz Brush for small surfaces and for contouring
  • Level the whole with the Kabukiz Brush

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Sprayfond express Golden beach #10

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